AI-Powered Physical Function Assessment

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As Easy as using a phone

Visualizing Evidence

Standardized Assessments

Nightingale can help clinicians and their assistants conduct multiple standardized physical function assessments including Timed Up and Go, Sit to Stand, Berg Balance, and so on. It allows the user to use just a mobile device to capture the whole assessment process. Nightingale’s software will automatically analyze the assessment data and generate assessment results.

Improve Efficiency

Quick Documentation

Nightingale automatically generates assessment results right after the assessment recording is complete. The results include important indicators of the patient performance in the assessment. We are also able to automatically break down the entire assessment into components in order to pinpoint where the problem is in the assessment.

A PDF report will be generated just by one click. The report can be emailed or printed immediately.

Realtime AI Analysis

Patent-Pending AI Technology

Nightingale uses the state-of-the-art AI technology to track and analyze the whole assessment process. This is all done with a hand-held mobile device with no sensors on the patient or on a chair. Its patent-pending AI technology enables realtime patient tracking, realtime pose estimation, realtime body detection, realtime object tracking all at the same time. The result is available at the point right after the assessment is done using our smart gait and posture analysis.


Chao Bian, MSc, PhD(c)

Co-Founder & CEO

Chao Bian is a Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. His past 7 years’ R&D experience across his Master’s, MIT Auto-ID lab fellowship and IBM were all focused around IoT and AI. He was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur by AGE-WELL NCE, Canada’s largest technology and aging network.

Faraz Khoshbakhtian, HBSc, MASc(c)

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Faraz Khoshbakhtian is an M.ASc. Candidate in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. He has 4 years of professional experience with data analytics, machine learning, and software engineering.

Charlene Chu, RN, GNC(c), PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Charlene is an Assistant Professor at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg at the University of Toronto. She draws on her 12-years of clinical nursing experience to inform her research and teaching that supports excellence in gerontological nursing, rehabilitation nursing, and technology uptake.

Peter Tanugraha, BEng

Co-Founder & AI Engineer

Peter Tanugraha graduated from the University of Toronto majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to Nightingale.ai, he worked as a deep learning engineer in IBM where he tackled industry problems using deep learning techniques.

Enabling visual evidence-based rehab

Streamlining physical function assessment using Nightingale to sustainably care for the World’s fast growing aging population.

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